inHome Savings Lighting

    At any time inHome enables you set or change the setting of which
       switch will turn which specific light.

   One switch can control a whole group of lights as well and therefore
      create lighting scenes of a various light intensity.

    Thanks to the LED units the coloured tones of the lighting
       can be changed as well.

    The switches can be also wireless – which means considerable costs
       savings during installation, however, it is possible to add them,
       or alternatively, to place them onto the glass.

    The central system also enables you to have a constant overview
       (even when you are not at home) of which room is lighted.

    If you are absent from the room for a longer while, the system
       automatically turns off.

    The outside intensity of light fluently regulates the intensity
       of the interior lights.

inHome Savings Heating

    inHome very effectively operates and monitors the energy consumption.

    The control system is capable of effective combining of various
       heat sources:
         □  Heat pump / electrical boiler / gas boiler
         □  Solar cells
         □  Air-condition
         □  Recuperation
         □  Fire places

    In case of rain it automatically closes the rooflights, in case
       of wind it draws back the terrace blinds.

    Thanks to this regulation a considerable amount of energy is saved.